Delay in Tizen provides opportunity to North Korean Smartphone market

Tizen is a new operating system which is designed for Smartphones, tablets, in vehicle infotainment systems

Samsung co-CEO report Tizen software from Smartphones to Cars

Tizen is an open source operating system which is being created by Samsung and Intel. Samsung

Hardware ‘Back’ and ‘Menu’ buttons along with user interface enhancements on Tizen 2.2

Many changes have been made on Tizen now. So, Samsung and Intel have released the Tizen

How to build your own Tizen Database Powered Application

Just go about in enhancing your business by using Database powered application on Tizen !!! Here

Conversion of Existing Android Apps to Tizen Apps Using Polaris App Generator (PAG)

The process of converting existing app to Tizen helps us to reuse the existing apps which

Is Tizen dead or progressing towards the target?

A rumor spread about Tizen a few days back. As per that rumor, it claimed that

Tizen project not dead: Tizen Tablet Prototype with specifications released officially

There were reports claiming that the Tizen project was dead a few days back. However, a

Tizen App Developers Contest for $4 million cash prizes

Tizen is an open source mobile operating system which is being developed by Samsung and Intel.

Samsung Redwood and Samsung Melius: first Tizen OS phones

South Korean tech giant Samsung is reportedly set to launch two Tizen-Based mobile phones this year.

What is Tizen SDK, How to install Tizen SDK?

SDK stands for Software Development Kit and Tizen SDK includes sample codes, platform binaries and documents.