Android vs Tizen

Tizen is a new OS being jointly developed by Samsung and Intel Corp. Both Android and Tizen are open-source operating systems, built on Linux platforms.

Tizen is greatly influenced by Android; one can say that Tizen is three parts Android and one part Web OS. The look and feel of Tizen is pretty similar to that of Android, except the apps outline is rounded, with greyish background. Like Google caters multiple devices, even Tizen has plans to be effective on Mobile Phones, Smart TVs, Tablets and Netbooks.

Leading mobile phone manufacturers fear the worst, as Google purchased Motorola, they can make their own mobile phone devices with Android OS, and charge heftily to other device manufacturers, so it is high time for an alternative mobile OS, which Samsung is working hard on.

Android vs Tizen

The other area that can be of prime importance is the number of applications. Now that the Android is fully accepted and widely used, there are millions of apps available in Google’s Play Store. Tizen has to work hard to match the standards set by Android. But developers say that as the platform used for building both the OS’es are same, shifting the apps from Android to Tizen should not be a big deal.

Can Tizen repeat the magic created by Android? It’s tough but not impossible. Let’s wait and watch.

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